Our Story

"Delivering quality and only the best"​

Durian Edition is all about providing excellence in a world of convenience. Feast on a highly addictive spread of specially curated quality durians, delivered right to your doorstep by Durian Edition - your go-to Durian Concierge!

Previously a curator of various mega durian-themed events, such as the Sentosa Grillfest wherein charcoal grilled durians were first introduced, Durian Edition is also the current record holder for hosting the largest Durian party in Singapore. Working directly with artisan growers throughout South East Asia, we have since dedicated ourselves to being the bridge between farm owners and your home in providing the best and freshest fruits available, straight to your doorstep.

From stringently chosen single origin cultivars packed in ready to eat containers, to nitrogen frozen goodies that cater to your durian cravings at any time of day, Durian Edition remains a dedicated one-stop-shop for all your farm-to-table durian needs.

Durian Edition also gives a makeover to the not-so-pretty-but-just-as-yummy durians form of scrumptious creations, such as cheesecakes and other crafted confectioneries.