2020-07-08 - DLab Shoot-006

“Out of adversity comes opportunity.”

This is true too for D.Lab, a concept born from troubled times led by the Covid-19 pandemic situation. As a spinoff of Durian Edition, D.Lab gives a makeover to the not-so-pretty-but-just-as-yummy durians, and lives up to the Durian Edition standard in the form of scrumptious creations, such as cheesecakes and other crafted confectioneries, lovingly put together through collaborations by the D.Lab team and various celebrity chefs.

“We work with only the best, because we have quality to offer.”

Thus said, Durian Edition first approached local artiste Thomas Ong, who is now a customer turned ambassador, for his feedback on their products as he is known for his impeccable taste buds. After a couple rounds of durian parties by Thomas for his friends, the idea for D.Lab was conceived and the rest is history in the making!

2020-08-11 - Durian Mooncake Thomas Final - 00101

"New creations filled with tea, durians, and gold!"

In celebrations of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we have came up with more durian goodness!

Oolong Durian Snowskin Mooncake
Made with 100% fresh puree from our exclusive Premium Oolong Durians, infused with Oolong tea bits and dusted with edible 24K gold powder for finishing touch.

XO Durian Snowskin Mooncake
Made with 100% D24 XO puree and lightly dusted with edible 24K gold powder, its creaminess and bittersweet flavours will definitely leave you wanting more!

Signature Musang King Mooncake
At Durian Edition, we pride ourselves on our quality Musang Kings from Raub so much so that it's a given it will be part of this year's mooncake lineup.

Made with 100% Musang King puree and finished with a coating of edible 24K gold powder, feel free to indulge and delight in the rich, creamy goodness of our Signature Musang King without the mess!